Utah Bail Bonds

Beehive Bail Bonds
Serving Salt Lake City, Utah & Nationwide for over 30 years. Beehive Bail Bonds can do bonds anywhere in Utah or the USA that bonds are accepted.
Location : Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone : (801) 328-3329

Rebel Bail Bonds
At Rebel Bail Bonds we understand that everyone needs help from time to time. Call Rebel Bail Bonds for free expert consultation and prompt, honest and knowledgeable service. Rebel Bail Bonds is here to help you with all of your bail bonding needs. If you have ever been to jail or know someone who has, regardless of the circumstances, and have had the experience of not knowing whether or not you could post bail or what you needed to do to get someone out of jail you probably know how important a good bondsman is.
Location : Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone : (877) 873-2358

Dewey's Get Loose Bail Bonds
We at Dewey’s Bail Bonds are dedicated to providing the fastest, most courteous, and knowledgeable bail service possible. On top of being established in 1950, our office has over 85 years of combined experience in the bail industry. Responsible for thousands of bonded releases from county jails, our bail agents and partners play a vital role in law making and the policing of the bail industry as a whole. Dewey’s has had an affiliate on the Utah Bail Bond Oversight Board and The Utah Association of Professional Bondsmen and Agents since the inception of both organizations.
Location : Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone : (801) 364-0572

Big Daddy's Bail Bonds
Big Daddy's Bail Bonds serves Nevada, Utah and the nation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WE NEVER CLOSE...Over 90% Of Our Bonds Are Written On Your Signature Only... (O.A.C.)
Location : Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone : (801) 485-5658